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January 26, 2006

Update on Camp Snoopy

Rumor (and the Star Tribune) has it that the MOA Phase II may include a 300,000 square foot Bass Pro Shop as the anchor for the expansion. Phase II is expected to include a 6,000-seat performing arts center, three hotels, as many as 300 condominiums, an ice rink and a museum.

Bass Pro Shops has humble beginnings: Back in the '70s, Johnny Morris of Springfield, MO started selling fishing lures at his father's liquor store. Thirty-four years later, revenue at the privately held company topped $1.6 billion (in 2004).

I am saddened to report that my earlier optimism for a new water fountain to replace the highly unimaginative "Snoopy's Water Bowl" was premature: they simply covered the "trademarked title" on the side of the bowl with a new sign declaring the highly imaginative new name for the little amusement park: "The Park at MOA".

Sunday I did a quick drive-by of the airport's cargo road hoping to spot the snowy owl that's been hanging out there for a couple months. Saw neither talon nor feather of the owl but I did spot a somewhat unusual raptor: a female Kestrel. My own observations over the years have been that the females migrate to more temperate climes during winter and the mighty males stick it out. Here's a male:


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