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January 22, 2006

Update on my vision

Two weeks ago I posted about a vision I had during a prayer at our homechurch. I don't want to embellish or modify anything, so I cut and pasted my description below:
"...during prayer time, I saw a tall, rough-hewn rock-wall-enclosed channel or canyon with a shorter smooth wall cutting down the middle, dividing the chamber but not closing off the end. I saw a stream of water that ran perpendicular to the short wall; in fact it ran through and under all the walls it intersected. There was a figure kneeling beside the stream with his back to me.
Usually I ask one or more of my Christian brothers to help me to understand these visions. But I believe God provided me with an immediate interpretation: The stream represents God’s grace and love; the walls represent the prison of the flesh world. (Hopefully) the figure represented me partaking in the refreshing promise of God’s love and grace. The fact that the stream flows through and in fact transcends the prison walls shows me that with Jesus, I can escape the prison of the flesh."

The one part of the vision I didn't have an interpretation for was the smooth, short bisecting wall. Today one of our other members offered up his interpretation: Mr. S believes the rough-hewn walls are the prison of sin (and by extension the world, our flesh, anything apart from God), the stream is the refreshing waters of God's love, and the short, smooth wall represents false religion (or perhaps a cursory, flippant, "I go to church every Sunday before the football game starts" attention to God, or "I read the bible at least once a month" spoken with righteous indignity). The smooth wall is painless, comfortable to climb, and appealing in its smoothness, but guess what? It doesn't work! It's not tall enough to climb out of the prison! It doesn't even reach the perpendicular rough wall to give you a lift up or head start.

My own smooth wall leads me to remember Matthew 6:33—"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you".

Whew! I'm glad it's that easy!


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