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January 08, 2006

...whatever you do... all to the glory of God."—1 Cor. 10:31

How will I blog to God’s glory?

Often times during prayer time at church or Wednesday night men’s group, God sends me visions. Some of them are cRyptiC: white-hatted cowboy on a white horse moving away from me, the horse straddling—sliding down—the barbed wire fence!

Some are very cryptic: a stained glass picture in a frame, the image that of a silver and red sentient and benevolent dragon with brown mammalian eyes that pulls its two-dimensional head away from the background, becoming 3-d and slowly shaking its head.

And some are fairly self-explanatory: a white, sawn-off tree stump with a new branch growing from the side of the stump and the still, quiet words spoken "You think you have reached a dead end, but there is another direction for your journey".

Today during prayer time, I saw a tall, rough-hewn rock-wall-enclosed channel or canyon with a shorter smooth wall cutting down the middle, dividing the chamber but not closing off the end. I saw a stream of water that ran perpendicular to the short wall; in fact it ran through and under all the walls it intersected. There was a figure kneeling beside the stream with his back to me.

Usually I ask one or more of my Christian brothers to help me to understand these visions. But I believe God provided me with an immediate interpretation: The stream represents God’s grace and love; the walls represent the prison of the flesh world. (Hopefully) the figure represented me partaking in the refreshing promise of God’s love and grace. The fact that the stream flows through and in fact transcends the prison walls shows me that with Jesus, I can escape the prison of the flesh. (I could be totally off here, so feel free to submit your thoughts and interpretations).

Now the question is: Is this post glorifying to God? That God felt me—fat and flawed, formerly steeped in sinful living, nearly devoid of redeeming qualities (you know, flesh and blood human)—a worthy receptacle of these visions, reveals His incredible, utterly ungraspable capacity to love, forgive, and encourage. Sharing His awesome, loving nature to any who will read this seems the least I can do. I hope that glorifies Him.


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