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March 07, 2006

March 29 is coming

As many of you may know, Minda and I will observe our 10th anniversary on March 29. I say observe because there always seems to be something concurrent that time of the year that supersedes a real celebration. So we make it up a week or two later.

But this year, to really stir things up, we will be renewing our commitment to each other in a "ceremony" the following Sunday at our 25-member homechurch . Ceremony probably isn't the right word; ritual sounds scary but that may be more accurate. It won't be a traditional sort of thing, though. No flowers, ushers, tuxes or organs. Music will be provided by our usual "choir" of capable churchmembers. Our good friend Vic has agreed to pray for us in his inimitable Indian accent (poetry in sound and substance!). We'll be having a celebratory meal afterwards at the home where this "ceremony" will occur.

Basically we will be asking our spiritual family (and our precious and sometimes "jealous-of-our-affection-for-each-other" son) to witness us inviting God into our marriage. Of course He's been there all along. But he wasn't specifically invited to our very sterile, civil ceremony in the judge's chamber 10 years ago. We felt that royal snub needed to be remedied.

We are replacing our wedding rings, but not in the fact, I am already in possession of mine (see below) and Minda's is on order. Mine is a fine example of the ancient metalsmithing art of Damascus Steel. 'Tis very beautiful! Thank you, Minda!


  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger kathy l said…

    Hello Scott,
    I thought I would make a comment cuz I didn't get to talk to you like I did Minda (on Thues.). Thanks again for renewing your vows with us all. It was a very emotional day for many of us, not the least of which was me. I'm still not exactly sure why, but like our daughter Josie, I feel like sometimes God makes His presence felt so keen, and is so pleased that I can do nothing but weep...and in this case I blubbered.
    I saw you and Minda grip each others hands when I mentioned the stake in the gound-and of course found out later that you had had a vision of just that the night before. I thought it was significant that Minda's parents and other kids were there too-in some very profound way that I can't explain...but I think it has to do with the healing that is mentioned in Hebrews 12:13. I believe that is a prophecy for you two as well as your extended family.
    I want to ecourage you to continue to be open to the visions God gives you.


    Kathy and all


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