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June 01, 2006

One Boy's Art...

Andrew and I, in an attempt to thumb our noses at this very un-Minnesota heat wave (whatever happened to "Minnesotans, God’s Frozen People"?), have taken to spending early evening hours outside our apartment building. We have been creating multi-hued, many-legged mythical creatures on the walkways with sidewalk chalk. You know chalk - colored powder in a stick cringing in fear at the mere mention of the word raindrops.

Now granted our idea of art and other residents’ ideas of art may vary widely. But, come on, did we really deserve to be accused of "defacing our sidewalks"? And I didn’t have the heart to tell Andrew that our art critic called our work "an embarrassment" and a "mess". Here’s a photo of the note awaiting us by the elevator this evening. There was a duplicate in the main entrance foyer as well.

By the way, the note was TAPED to the wall by the elevator, as opposed to pinned to the cork message board 6 inches away. Now I’m no expert on vandalism, but it seems to me that Scotch tape on drywall would have a better chance of causing defacement than chalk on cement sidewalks.

Against the better judgement of my inner rebellious-teenager-filled-with-disdain-for-anyone-older-than-30-trying-to-keep-me-down, I turned the other cheek (for Andrew to see) and abstained from writing a vindictive, vituperative rebuttal note. That’s what Blogs are for!

We have agreed to their demand to "...STOP your child from defacing the property."


  • At 7:48 PM, Blogger joyce said…

    that's bull crap. write a nasty reply! I would!


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